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ShapeDiver was built as a tool to explore products in a modern, flexible and natural way on a screen - the next best thing to touching a real object.

3D Product Configurator

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Try out this basic shed model. It’s just the tip of the iceberg of the technology we provide. Contact Us to see a demo of your product in 3D.

At Piinch Creative, in partnership with ShapeDiver, we offer an ideal tool for cost-effectively displaying Product Configurators on the web. There is nothing like seeing your product through our technology for the first time. Request a demo and let us show you how parametric design can enable new possibilities for your company.g Are you upgrading your website or creating a new one? The ShapeDiver model configurator will fit right in. See it in action:

powerful & flexible

ShapeDiver is the easiest way to present and sell customizable products online.

From design to sales and production, give your physical product a real online presence. It’s time to experience the world of mass customization.

Get a Website and Your Custom Product Configurator

We offer an ultimate service of building a custom tailored website and product configurator integration for your business! A team of responsible professionals will do the development and modifications to product configurator software in order to fit your needs. Be sure to choose Piinch Creative!

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